Extensive experience in the global
Chemical Regulatory



Pharmegic Healthcare Limited has a strong focus
on client Satisfaction, Safety, Ethics and Integrity.

Pharmegic Healthcare Limited was established in May 2017 with a vision to provide cost effective, innovative, solutions for the Chemical sectors.

Our ability to deliver significant value to our customers by leveraging our scientific skills and global mind set is at the core of all project work undertaken for our customers.

Pharmegic Healthcare Limited has its
headquarter in Lithuania and offices
in India & New Zealand.



Pharma Regulatory Consultancy

Medical Writing

Research and Development

We provides chemical regulatory compliance
and product safety solutions to global clients.

Our customers are typically Manufacturers, Importers, Traders, Downstream users, Retailers and Governmental organizations.

The major sectors severed are Specifically Chemicals, Dyes, Pigments, Petrochemicals, Metals & Commodity Chemicals.

We provides support and services to Companies in identifying their REACH regulatory obligations and compiling REACH Registration dossiers as substances & mixtures. We also help Companies to meet their CLP requirements.

Strong focus on client
Satisfaction, Safety, Ethics
and Integrity.